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First day of college entrance examination, Longhu Mountain welcomes the first wave of summer research upsurge! 2022-06-07


Thousands of college entrance examination students enter the examination room

People who fight to this day, Deserve all applause!

Be confident

classmate, come on, May you be crowned!

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Through Chinese civilization, Read the classics of traditional Chinese culture

Today, Longhu Mountain welcomes the first batch of 300 Human summer research group

Early in the morning, Traveling buses carrying students

To arrive at the team confirmation Center

Today is a rare fine day after continuous rain in Longhu Mountain

Super suitable for research tourism

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Move the classroom into the scenic spot

Expand our horizons together, Looking for the most natural and dynamic classroom!

The students started a wonderful day's journey in Longhu Mountain

They visited the ancient town of Shangqing, Guyue Water Street

Climb elephant trunk mountain plank road to enjoy the beautiful scenery

Visited the mosquito free Village

Watch the thrilling hanging coffin performance

During the trip, the children not only accepted the cultural infiltration

Broadened vision, Increased insight

And be there, Experience through personal observation

Taoist Zuting Tianshi Mansion


The students feel the culture and tranquility of the past millennium

Qingshiban road is simple and long, The architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties is antique. . .

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Guyue Water Street

The ancient Yue Culture in Longhu Mountain is unique, the source is distant and the stream long

Study in Guyue Water Street

360°Experience the charm of Water Street and ancient Yue Culture

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Elephant Trunk Hill plank road

Three kilometers across the core landscape area

Cuiwei along the peak and cliff, Chibi sili, Danhong dazzling

Elephant trunk mountain is more lifelike, Spiritual implication. . .

Feel the uncanny workmanship of nature

Enjoy the Danxia landform of Longhu Mountain for thousands of years

Listen to those mysterious legends

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Mosquito free Village

Step on wooden steps and enter the first strange village in Jiangnan -- Mosquito free Village

Step on his bluestone path

Listen to the murmur of Luxi River

Feel the most simple farmhouse scenery

Looking for the most primitive sound of nature


"Tianshi Zhang respects his mother and is filial, Cast spells to dispel mosquitoes" Legend of

Understand the uniqueness of the mosquito free Village

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Peach Blossom Island hanging coffin performance

Longhu mountain cliff tomb is the oldest tomb in China, The largest number of cliff tombs

The most precious unearthed cultural relics, Cliff tomb group with the most prominent resettlement location

Cliff tomb suspense for ages

Become a great wonder in the history of world culture

Today's hanging coffin performance is just one of the possibilities

It still leaves people endless imagination space!

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From Danxia landform to natural heritage

From ancient Yue culture to cliff tomb culture

Every tree and grass here, One flower, one leaf, One bird and one fish, One star one month

Are all cultural deposits, Worth slow appreciation, Fine tasting, Deep research

Longhu Mountain is the first choice for summer study

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