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Free admission for national tourists in June! Come to Longhu Mountain I "oxygen" you, Shengjing mountain rafting brings you a cool summer! 2022-06-08

Early morning Birdsong Flowing water gurgles

Deep in the mountains and forestsWind pours into the treetops

Light and shadow intersect and stagger

Walking along the mountain path

It feels wonderful that winding paths lead to seclusion

Every breath of air feels fresh

This kind of scene may be extravagant for small friends in metropolis

But in Longhu Mountain It's just routine

Wechat pictures_20220609104743. png

Wechat pictures_20220609104743. png

In order to let the little friends all over the country experience this

Valuable daily

Xiaohu brings super welfare activities in June

Share the beauty of mountains and rivers with you!

Free tickets for national tourists in June

one, During the event: 2022 year 6 month 1-30 day

two, Active object: National tourists

three, Activity preferential policies:

(one) During the event, National touristsFree scenic spot resource tickets (Excluding operating sightseeing tickets and bamboo raft tickets) Preferential policies for, Must purchase sightseeing tickets for the scenic spot. Specifically: Scenic spot sightseeing ticket 45 element/people (Two day tour) , If you need to take a bamboo raft, you must purchase another bamboo raft ticket for the scenic spot 100 element/people.

(two) During the event, National Tourist purchase Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain +Scenic spot ticket sightseeing bus bamboo raft combination ticket 268 element/people. In case of stop/Opening, Then press Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain +Scenic spot ticket sightseeing bus bamboo raft combination discount ticket (Namely 268 element/people) Preferential ticket combined with scenic spot ticket, sightseeing bus and bamboo raft (Namely 145 element/people) The ticket difference will be refunded/Supplementary performance expenses; In case of stop/sail, Then press 100 element/Rentui/Bamboo raft ticket.

June Yingtan citizens

99 Yuan Kan Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain

(one) Preferential time: 2022 year 6 month 1-30 day

(two) Preferential objects and policies:

During the offer period, Residents with Yingtan ID card, College and technical secondary school students in Yingtan Universities, Employees in Yingtan, Merchants with Yingtan City merchant certificate, hold "Yingtan high level talents service card" High level talents, canEnjoy buying Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain Performance tickets 99 element/people (VIP ticket 119 element/people) Preferential policies for. 1. 2 Free tickets for children up to M.

With the recent temperature rise

The dryness and heat of summer alone has begun to show

Longhu MountainLush and dense, Cool climate

Negative oxygen ion is excellent 15 times

This natural oxygen bar is perfect for summer vacation

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Wechat pictures_20220609104754. png

And the cultural heritage here is fascinating

Daoism juesheng Ancient Yue Song

Inheriting nearly twothousand years of Taoist Culture

Here prosperity rises with smoke

The ancient Yue people live and multiply here

Leave their legend

A spiritual baptism starts from here

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Wechat pictures_20220609104800. png

And it's cool in summer

How can we play with water less!

Shengjing mountain 4D Canyon rafting has been passionate

Shengjing mountain 4D Dream canyon rafting

A line of Canyon scenery

Drinking water source, Whole process security guard

Beautiful scenery, Thrill

Immersive experience

Three thousand feet down the river, Enchanted by the beautiful scenery

Wechat pictures_20220609104804. gif

Wechat pictures_20220609104809. gif

overall length 3. 5 kilometre, Drop 158 rice

Single maximum drop 28 rice

S V-shaped turning and drifting curve, stimulate

Truly experience the passionate rafting in the original ecological Canyon

Wechat pictures_20220609104814. gif

Wechat pictures_20220609104817. gif

Relying on shengjingshan Canyon, Design of original ecological drift path

Cross resistance of strange rocks in river channel, Picturesque scenery

It's like being in a canyon landscape painting by boat

Both true and unreal, magnificent ; ornate ; fascinating

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Wechat pictures_20220609104824. gif

Can't wait to go up the mountain

Touch those landscape creatures hidden in the mountains and forests

Touching on those humanistic stories that have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Don't ask when the green hill is old I only ask when you are free

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