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World class natural oxygen bar 2022-06-22

2020 Review results conference of China natural oxygen bar in

And experience exchange meeting

Longhu Mountain scenic spot successfully passed the reexamination

The National Meteorological Administration again granted

Longhu Mountain Scenic Spot "China natural oxygen bar" title

"China natural oxygen bar" The creation activity was organized by China Meteorological Service Association. accord with "Annual climate comfort of living environment reaches 'comfortable' The month of is not less than 3 Months, The annual average concentration of negative oxygen ions shall not be less than 1000 individual/cm3, Annual average AQI Index not greater than 100, Complete tourism facilities, Service management specification"And other basic conditions "China natural oxygen bar" . Reviewed by the selection committee, to review, After comprehensive review, Finally, qualified regions are selected. Approved by China Meteorological Service Association, Grant to eligible regions "China natural oxygen bar" title, And issue plaques and certificates, Release to the public at the same time.

According to Xiaohu, "China natural oxygen bar" Has become a cognitive label for tourists, Easy to create demonstration sites, But it's hard to really pass the reexamination. Longhu Mountain scenic spot passed the reexamination successfully this time, Continuous maintenance "China natural oxygen bar" title, Enough to prove its high-quality natural environment.

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