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World Natural Heritage 2022-06-22

Longhu Mountain is a Global Geopark

It is a world natural heritage site "Chinese Danxia" Typical representative of

Good foundation of preliminary research

It is an optimal route for Geoscience Research

Our research route is mainly Danxia landform

Including mountain-water-tomb-Avenue-Town, etc

Various natural and cultural landscapes

Three wonders of dragon and Tiger Mountain

"Danshan mountain and clear water, Taoist ancestral court, Millennium cliff tomb" To feature

Longhu Mountain is a typical representative of Danxia Landform in old age

Have dense distribution, Beautifully shaped

Hieroglyphs and mountain caves

Rongdanxia geology, Geomorphic diversity

And Danxia ecology, Danxia culture in one

Natural landscape system with great scientific value and aesthetic significance

Pine shadow on both sides, A river full of laughter

The scenic spots in the south are basically surrounded by mountains and rivers

gain by contrast, Vivid spirituality

Luxi river is the freshest River in Longhu Mountain "Shui Jue"

The river has a clear bottom, Stretching for hundreds of miles

Across the whole Longhu Mountain, Like a jade belt

Water runs through the mountains, Danshan mountain and clear water, Top the world

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