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Dragon and tiger tide, Enjoy the summer! Six theme activities of dragon and Tiger Mountain ignite unlimited summer! 2022-06-23 Summer vacation is coming soon Many friends are looking forward to opening Summer crazy travel mode in, College entrance examination students have pressed the happy button in advance Xiaohu wants a summer vacation! !
@in, College entrance examination students, With admission card 100 Yuanchang plays Shengjing mountain rafting! 2022-06-13 Xiaohu has come to send graduation benefits again~ classmate, Where would you like to go on your graduation trip? Longhu Mountain free travel for college entrance examination students Let me Kangkang who else doesn't know Say it again if you don't know Xiaohu
Graduation travel season! 2022 National College Entrance Examination Students 6-8 Monthly ticket, Free sightseeing tickets! Come to Longhu Mountain to give youth a sense of ceremony! 2022-06-09 2022 The college entrance examination has come to an end Another graduation season Finally, I can put down my heavy studies Indulge in playing In this season of harvest and separation A graduation trip with a good friend Leave some beautiful memories for youth