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Cool graduation ceremony! Longhu Mountain welcomes a 1000 person graduation tour group! 2022-06-24 Wuhu~ High school entrance examination, The college entrance examination has been successfully completed Did you start arranging your graduation trip? Dragon and Tiger Mountain recently welcomed A tourist group of nearly 1000 graduates from experimental junior middle school in Yujiang District Youth never ends, Dream to set sail again Congratulations on your graduation~
The summer of dragon and Tiger Mountain, It's a formal invitation~ 2022-06-22 Frog sound bursts, Cicadas chirp Rice blossoms are white, Lotus different red. Summer in Longhu Mountain It's a formal invitation~
Extra free ticket benefits! 3 Minutes to show you about the most comprehensive preferential policies for Longhu Mountain in summer! 2022-06-21 The college entrance examination is over The high school entrance examination is over The primary and middle school students will have the final exam soon The road traveled by the stars and the moon There must be flowers everywhere! Xiaohu wishes all candidates in advance here have passed the examination, Promising future! End of exam, But youth is just beginning Relax, Enjoy the holidays Dragon and Tiger Mountain scenic area has prepared more free ticket benefits There are value-added preferential policies waiting for you! punching, Sahuan go!