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Just 10 element! The first digital cultural creation commemorative ticket of Longhu Mountain is coming, Simple operation, instant possession! 2022-09-16

With the popularity of the whole network, the concept of meta universe continues to heat up,

Digital technology and cultural tourism have become inseparable,

As if overnight, Everything can be meta universe.

Do you want your digital commemorative ticket?

Do you want to get the exclusive ticket benefits of Longhu Mountain Scenic Area?

A series of digital commemorative tickets for cultural tourism in Longhu Mountain Scenic Area!


Digital commemorative ticket

It integrates Taoist culture, ancient Vietnamese culture and other elements

In the form of hand drawing and simulation design

With digital effect

It vividly presents the characteristics of Longhu Mountain Scenic Area

Like rafting, Hanging coffin performance, Elephant Trunk Hill

Xianshui Rock and other scenic spots IP element

Fully demonstrate the characteristics of Longhu Mountain Scenic Area


Digital commemorative ticket quiz

What is the digital commemorative ticket?

Adopt Alipay blockchain Technology, A new digital cultural and creative product, conduct IP Copyright protection and confirmation, Uniqueness and non replicability.

What is the value of digital commemorative tickets?

IP Brand plus innovative technology, Characteristic conceptual design, Create a distinctive virtual commodity, Highly collectible.

Digital commemorative ticket equals to scenic spot ticket?

Different companies launch digital commemorative tickets according to different rules, In Longhu Mountain, Digital commemorative tickets are not equivalent to scenic tickets, Only for collection and viewing.

Purchase method

Launch time: 2022 year 9 month 24 day 10: 00

Open Alipay and scan the QR code directly below

Or search directly [Jiangxi Longhu Mountain Scenic Area]

You can buy cultural and creative commemorative tickets~

Limited purchase of digital commemorative tickets per person 1 Zhang

Non refundable after purchase


welfare TIME

During the event

9 month 23 day-10 month 8 day


The little partner can visit

In the applet of Jiangxi Longhu Mountain Scenic Area

receive 2 Alipay red envelope

for the first time 5 Yuan full 30 available

The second random red packet is full 10 Yuan available

Red envelope can be purchased directly

Digital commemorative ticket and scenic spot ticket products

It can also be used in combination with other red envelope activities of Alipay


You can get a guide map of the scenic spot for free

Receiving place: Ticket office and mass merchandiser supermarket in tourist center


Through Alipay platformAfter purchasing the digital commemorative ticket of the scenic spot

AvailableTickets for Longhu Mountain Scenic Area 10 One coupon of RMB

full 100 Meta usage, Expiry date andConsistent sales period


9 month 24 Morning of 10 spot

Xiaohu and you will see each other on Alipay!

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