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Huge benefits hit Longhu Mountain! 9 Free admission for national tourists in January! 2022-09-19

since 2020 The three years since the outbreak of the epidemic in

Longhu Mountain Scenic Area

There was no confirmed and asymptomatic COVID-19 infection
Be truly a blessed land of immortals, Pure land !

todayXiaohu has been delivering welfare to everyone without stopping

A series of preferential policies for Longhu Mountain Scenic Area

As of 9 month 30 Oh, my God~

Specific policies are as follows:

"Warmth 'Pestilence' Line, 'eagle' For you" activity

(one) During the event: 9 month 20 day-30 day

(two) Active Object: Residents with Yingtan ID Card (Including Guixi, Yujiang, Moon Lake, Xinjiang New Area, High tech Zone, Longhu Mountain Scenic Area) , College and technical secondary school students studying in various colleges and universities in Yingtan, Customers with Yingtan City Merchant Certificate, hold "Yingtan High level Talent Service Card" High level talents of.

(three) favoured policy:

During the event, The above activity objects enjoy the preferential policy of free tickets for Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Area sightseeing bus combination tickets, If you need to take a bamboo raft, please press 100 element/People buy bamboo raft tickets. The activity object must go to the ticket window of the tourist center to get a free ticket to visit the park with the corresponding valid certificate.

"Fight with one heart 'Pestilence' , Xianshan has an appointment" activity

(one) During the event: 9 month 20 day-30 day

(two) Active Object: National tourists

(three) favoured policy:

Enjoy purchasing sightseeing tickets 45 element/people (2-day tour) , That is, enjoy the preferential policy of free resource tickets for scenic spots. Press again if you need to take the bamboo raft 100 element/People buy bamboo raft tickets in the scenic area;

Notice to Visitors

1. Please cooperate with the scenic spot "Three checks, one wear, one sweep, one test" Prevention and control measures (I. e: check 48 Nucleic acid test negative certificate within hours, Check health code, Trip code, wear a mask, Scanning site code, Temperature measurement) , No red and yellow code personnel are allowed to enter the scenic spots.

2. Free nucleic acid detection points have been set up in the tourist center square, according to "voluntarily, free, Pick and go, Unrestricted flow" principle, After tourists from low-risk areas outside the province arrive at Longhu Mountain Scenic Area, Go to nucleic acid detection point for detection. Please queue up orderly during detection, Standardize wearing masks, Take the initiative to show me "Health code" Or ID card, Keep with others 1 Safety distance above m, Leave the site immediately after sampling.

3. Please don't litter during sightseeing, Don't spit everywhere, Please comply with the ecological and environmental protection regulations of the scenic spot.

4. If there is heat, Cough and other physical discomfort, Please inform the staff in time.

5. The scenic spot has been fully disinfected, Please feel free to visit.

Longhu Mountain with beautiful mountains

Air anion content exceeds the normal value 15 times

A natural oxygen bar worthy of the name

Walk along the high plank road

Take a look "The best god in the world"

Take a bamboo raft

Look at the mountains and listen to the water along the Luxi River

Feel the natural purity given by nature

Watch a hanging coffin performance

Go to the Millennium Ancient Town

Listen to the morning bell and evening drum of the Heavenly Master Mansion

Feel the precipitation and edification of thousands of years of cultural history

Elephant Trunk Hill


Bamboo raft tour


Hanging coffin performance


Mosquito free village


Photo source photographer: Xiong Guohua

Zhengyi Temple


Grand Qing Palace


Wilsonii house


Shangqing Ancient Town


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