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Escape from the City Plan! Experience natural oxygen bar! Fairyland on earth! 2022-09-20

The Dragon and Tiger Mountain in autumn is a comfortable and pleasant time

Spicy sun, The damp and stuffy air is finally far away

69. 88%Natural oxygen bar with forest coverage

Abundant rainfall, Warm climate

Longhu Mountain as a world geological park

It is especially suitable for those who want to cure their body and mind

Come on, let's have an oxygen plan to escape the city


Photo source photographer: Wanxunguo

Natural oxygen bar that can breathe deeply

Longhu Mountain is a world natural heritage landscape

With beautiful Danxia Peak forest

There are abundant vegetation in the scenic area, Fresh air

It is officially recognized by the National Meteorological Administration [China Natural Oxygen Bar]

In this lung washing fairyland with green mountains and clear water

"green" It has already become this picture "Picture in Picture" Main tone of

It is full of branches and leaves

The air is moist and fresh

Dense original ecological vegetation and gurgling water

All of them present a simple and quiet artistic conception and verve

Wonderful scenery along the way  Fresh air

Negative oxygen ion has excellent effect on clearing the lung


Photo source photographer: Shu Peng


Photo source photographer: Shu Peng


Photo source photographer: Yang Jingyu


Photo source photographer: Dong Meidong


Photo source photographer: Xia Chenglin

Danxia landform in China

Longhu Mountain Scenic Area is a typical Danxia landform

Rolling mountains

A winding jade belt in Luxi

The strange peaks and rocks of Dragon and Tiger Mountain

Maolin and Xiuzhu are connected on both banks


"A stream of colored glaze, Zicuidui, Yunshan Mountain" The beautiful scene of


Photo source photographer: Huang Shaohua


Photo source photographer: Wang Dongbin


Photo source photographer: Xia Chenglin


Photo source photographer: Zhu Jianguo


Camping on the Peak

Bring camping equipment to Longhu Mountain

The gentle evening wind is blowing

Chat together, barbecue, drink

Look at the starry sky, Yueming, Frogs chirp and insects chirp


Treasure level immortal homestay

Next to the Great Shangqing Palace on Dragon and Tiger Mountain

Adjacent to the ancient and quiet millennium town

By the flowing Luxi River

There is a treasure level immortal homestay

Habitat for residents in Qishan

Extremely beautiful, Perfect matching

built-up area 1900㎡, Guest Room 14 between

The surrounding supporting landscape is about 20 Mu

It is an excellent choice for you to cultivate your character and travel freely!


Longhu Mountain kissed by nature

All over the mountain and all over the country are dressed in costumes

Danxia, B&B, camping, Mountain climbing. . .

Such a comfortable place

You can't miss it!

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