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0 Yuan Kaikai Tide Play Night Tour, Fall in love with every corner of the mountain! 2022-09-21

Most tourists will choose to visit the Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Area in the daytime

Have you seen the Dragon and Tiger Mountain at night?

Make an appointment with three or five friends

Enjoy the charming nightlife that has gone through thousands of years

Xiao Hu will come to talk with you today

how 0 Yuan Kaikai's Night Tour on Dragon and Tiger Mountain!

Please hold the pencil head, Take notes!

Night Tour on Dragon and Tiger Mountain

0 Yuanheiyou Millennium Ancient Town

There is a very magical square in the ancient town of Shangqing

There you can

to swing, let's watch a play, Watch the sun sink and the stars float

You can see different landscapes at each time

This is the unique beauty of the ancient town


Every time the sun sets

The sunset glow here makes you feel amazing


The ancient town is bustling at night

It's cool when the breeze blows in the evening

Everyone likes to sit on the square

Chatting and looking at the bustling crowd

And a row of swingsIt's a paradise for children


A dragon and a phoenix hang in the middle of the square

Becomes lifelike at night against the light

Various activities are often held at the ancient stage

Beer Lobster Festival, Cold Watermelon Festival, And Zong Butong, etc

Let you not feel bored all day in Shangqing


The street lights are on

Red lanterns hanging together

Forming a beautiful landscape

It also lights up the whole ancient street

Walking on the road

There is a feeling of shopping in ancient times

Street view

The photos taken are unique


0 Yuanchang Ancient Yueshui Street

In the Moon Printing Pool, Insects chirp everywhere

Ancient Yue architecture, Cruise creek

Nightlight Night scene is fading


Bright lights, small bridges, flowing water, ancient Yue people

Walk slowly

You will find that everything in front of you seems to be in a painting


Walk in the long water corridor of Guyue Water Street

All the way

You can find various ancient Yue characteristics



Walk along the water street, Smell the breeze blowing

Put on the Han suit and punch in here to take photos

Super beautiful beyond filmundefinedundefined

Stay away from the worrisome work and life

Come to the Luxi River at the foot of Longhu Mountain

Touch ancient Vietnamese civilization

Search for the ancient town fairyland

Experience the resplendence of Longhu Mountain at night!


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