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Guide to Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spots Bamboo Raft Rafting in Luxi River ! Qingxi meanders around the mountain! 2022-09-22


Xiaohu's guide to scenic spots is continuously updated

Today, we will introduce the beautiful scenery of the upper reaches of the Dragon and Tiger Mountains

Bamboo Raft Rafting in Luxi River-Fairy water rock-Taohuazhou

Let's follow Xiaohu~

Bamboo Raft Rafting in Luxi River

Luxi River is also known as Yixi River, Shangqingxi

The downstream is called Baita River in Yujiang County

She originated in the virgin forest of Wuyi Mountains

All the way through the mountains and converge

Come to us for more than 500 miles

And then inject Xinjiang River into Yujiang County, Yingtan City

And then from Xinjiang River to Poyang Lake

We can use the green water to clear the waves

Go graduallyLet's start this beautiful picture of blue water and red mountains!


Cliff Tombs in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period

There are many caves on Danxia Red Cliff of Longhu Mountain

The ancients believed that these caves were inhabited by immortals

West bank of Luxi River, There are famous "Twenty-four rock"

As early as the Neolithic Age

Human beings will live and multiply in Longhu Mountain

The Vietnamese people living in this area at that time

Think of these caves as another world after your death

thus, Created the oldest hanging coffin tomb

This is the world famousCliff Tombs of the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period in Longhu Mountain


Photo source photographer: Xia Chenglin

Shared by cliff tombs scattered in Danyan Cave 220 Multiple locations

The number, The danger of location

Abundance of cultural relics, Well preserved

It can be called the best in China, A unique place in the world

They proveLonghu Mountain is a cliff tomb in Southeast Asia

One of the earliest birthplaces


Photo source photographer: Xia Chenglin

Ten Scenery Sceneries of Xianshui Rock

Take the bamboo raft westward along Luxi River from the foot of Longhu Mountain

There are more than 100 peaks within seven miles

The most famous one is

coverbe called "Fairy water rock" of 24 To sit on a mountain peak

Qingxi meanders around the mountain, The reflection of Qifeng Bibo

Landscape, Strange peaks close to the shore

usually have "Xiaoguilin" , "Xiaolijiang River" Name

Ten Scenery Scenery of Xianshui Rock Let Xiaohu Come to You

Yunjin Peak--Cloud Brocade Flying and Colorful Door Open

This mountain peakhigh 100 Yum, About 300 Yum

 This peakBright colors, It looks like a red and purple cloud brocade

This mountain is cut like a sharp axe

Steep as a wall, Up to the sky, Lower Tanbi Water

Wide, There is no limit

It's said that this is a shawl, Hand woven for the Seven Fairies

The Empress Jade Emperor summoned the seven fairies back to the Heavenly Palace

And left this precious souvenir


Photo source photographer: Fang Nong

Daotangyan--Tao Hall Yang Bo brings Fulai

This oneThe mountain stone is about 60 Dom

The water side is scoured by the river

Forming a huge horizontal cave

This huge rock is like a Taoist hall doing religious things

Because it faces the abyss, The current is turbulent, Whirlpool tumbling

So it is called "Don't sit in the hall"

It is rumored that, The mountain was changed by a three legged turtle


Photo source photographer: Xia Chenglin

Shi Drum Peak--The stone drum is silent and sounds outside

The mountain peak looks like a huge stone drum

It is said that it is a divine drum on Gexian Mountain

Knock once a year, All ghosts are gone

Knock twice a year, The barn is full of grain

Knock three times a year, Six livestock are more prosperous


Photo source photographer: Xia Chenglin

Fairy peach stone--Fairy peach is sweet

This peak looks like a big peach, It is said that this is a peach

It's Monkey King, the Great Sage of Heaven

It was stolen from the Queen Mother's Peach Party

Monkey King makes a scene in the Heavenly Palace

Eat all the delicious food and wine at the peach party

And filled a full bag with endless peaches

When flying over Longhu Mountain

I accidentally lost the peach I just bit

It's this peach

The notch on the peach was bitten by Monkey Sun


Photo source photographer: Xia Chenglin

Jade combstone--Jade combs the heart but not the hair

Under the Eagle Mouth Rock, There are three stones juxtaposed, Stacked together

It is called triassic rock, Because itLike a broken comb

So it's called Jade Comb Stone

It is said that it has been grown on the Kunlun Mountain for 800 years

Royal comb transformed by boxwood essence, It's a rare treasure in the Heavenly Palace


Danshao rock--Danshao Eliminates Disasters in Flood and Drought

This rock is like a spoon

Legend says that in the late Western Han Dynasty, There is a strange man named "Green Maoxian"

He doesn't wear clothes in winter, Not taking a bath in summer, Greenish hair,

Recluse in Bilu Cave to refine pills, Refined pills can cure all diseases

This spoon is used for refining pills

The green haired fairy gave it to Tianshi Zhang

After Tianshi Zhang used it to make the Nine Heaven Pill

Just put it here


Fairy mushroom stone--A Thousand Miles Lucky Fairy Mushroom Appears

It is said that when the Eight Immortals crossed the sea

A fairy mushroom picked from the Dragon King

Stay in Luxi River, Usually buried in water

It only comes to the surface when a distinguished guest comes, To greet respectfully


Photo source photographer: Xia Chenglin

Lotus stone--Fortunately, Shi Liankai

On the water beside the Fairy Peach Stone

There is a cluster of stones, Like a lotus flower blooming in the sky

There are small stones in the middle, Like a lotus seed

A little frog stone squats beside the lotus stone

Constitute a beautiful "Frog Playing with Lotus"


Lovers Peak--Lovers' Love Forever

Lovers Peak is also called Monk Nun Peak

Located in the north of Xianshuiyan Xiantao Stone 200 Meters

Front female head, Cracks on the back peak

Like a wounded man leaning on a woman's back

be commonly called "Nun carrying monk"


It is said that in the nunnery of the Fairy City opposite this peak

A nun fell in love with a monk

The two eloped and were chased by the monk

The monk fell the chain at the critical moment and sprained his foot

Nun's instant attachment, Carry the monk on your back and run away

Tianshi Zhang saw that the two of them really loved each other

Then he used the immobilization method to fix them here

Let them depend on each other forever


Photo source photographer: Li Hongkai

Fairy Rock--Shangyao Platform in front of Fairy Rock

This rock can be called "The best scenery in the world"

Wonderful Fairy Rock, also called "Fairies are not worthy"


Photo source photographer: Myrica rubra

Taohuazhou Performance

Hanging coffin performance

The hanging coffin on Dragon and Tiger Mountain has always been an unsolved mystery

The cliff tomb of Longhu Mountain faces the abyss, Located on a precipice

How did the ancient Yue people put the coffin into the cave?

Why did the ancient Yue people use cliff cave tombs?

The performance form of hanging coffin in Longhu Mountain presents the antique hoisting method

Chongda 200 The kilogram coffin is lifted to the entrance of the cave

Pulled into the hole by the performer

So that the wonders that were erected two thousand years ago can be re displayed


Luxi Fishing Shadow

Luxi River, Ripples of blue waves, crystal clear, have no bottom

It contains rich fishery resources

since ancient times, People on the bank of Luxi River, In Nongshushi

Use Fishing Eagle (cormorant) This primitive way of fishing

Come and ask Mother River for some

Spring Festival, Entertain relatives and friendsRiver fresh game

Bishui Danshan, Shepherd Song and Fishing Shadow

What a beautiful and harmonious picture "Natural Ecology Picture" !


Photo source photographer: Hu Qichang

Water Heavenly Master


Photo source photographer: Liu Zhikun

Feiyun Pavilion

Double layer temple building next to the coffin raising performance venue

call "Feiyun Pavilion"

It is an important Buddhist site in the Longhu Mountain area, After several ups and downs

What we're seeing now is 1995 Rebuilt in

It faces the clear water of Luxi, Back against Hegu Rock, The cliff tops

Main building height 16 rice, Inside the hall, there are sculptures 9 Migao's Avalokitesvara

The slope along the north side is 70 A seven tiered ladder

Reaching Yunju Cave, There is a dream bed in the cloud cave, Reclining Buddha, etc


Use natural conditions such as natural caves as much as possible

Build temples

Buddhism and Taoism respect nature, A major feature of yearning for nature

Feiyun Pavilion is the embodiment of this feature

On the cliff of Feiyun Pavilion

There are many magnificent cliff inscriptions:

"Jade Wall Flying in the Sky" , "Half Sky Fairy Trace" , "The fairy trace is misty" wait

among "Jade Wall Flying in the Sky" Four block letters

He was the chief assistant of the cabinet of the Ming Dynasty (Equivalent to Prime Minister) Xia Yan's handwriting


Through Xiaohu's introduction

Do you have a deeper understanding of the upstream line of Longhu Mountain?

Please keep an eye on more scenic guides

See you next time~

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