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Longhu Mountain welcomes thousands of research groups! The upsurge of research, learning and tourism officially started in early winter! 2022-11-10

Late autumn and early winter, It's the right time to study and travel

A wonderful journey to explore the new world

Open at Dragon and Tiger Mountain

Mount Longhu "Walking class"

And ushered in the boom again


A 1000 member research group from Yingtan No. 8 Primary School

On this morning 8 Arrive at Longhu Mountain at

Follow the steps of early winter here

Gain happiness in studying, Harvest knowledge



Follow Xiaohu on their research trip

Feel the enthusiasm of the students!


Longhu Mountain Thousand Person Research Group



Under the guidance of teachers

Students full of joy and expectation

Come to Longhu Mountain Geological Museum

Exploring geological knowledge

The Longhu Mountain Geological Museum is a modern museum building

Characteristic, First class facilities

There are magic minerals in the museum, Rare animal and plant specimens

Ancient fossil. . .


Facing the warm wind, Start the mountain climbing journey

The laughter of the students resounded through the valley

With the air becoming happy

They experience the fun of mountaineering

Feel the charm of beautiful nature


Elephant Trunk Mountain stands here forever

The uncanny workmanship of nature is always fascinating

The scenery along the way is pleasant

Legends immerse students

Learn while walking Cheers and laughter are endless


Mysterious Ancient Yue Culture

A thrilling hanging coffin performance

Let the students on the scene scream

I saw the performer hanging upside down with a rope

Fly over the cliff

Send the coffin into the cave

Restore the burial ceremony of ancient Yue people thousands of years ago


as the old saying goes

Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles

There is always one on the way

Read or travel

Integrate learning into travel, Learn while walking and watching

Let children find learning in their travels

How about a meaningful study tour for children

Learn and grow in happiness


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