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Super value welfare of Dragon Tiger Mountain Double Eleven! All these things are free of charge! ! 2022-11-11

Today is Double Ten One!

Except for the annual

Single Dog Hides Quietly Outside the Bedding Tears Festival

It is also the super shopping carnival of the whole network!

Various full subtractions, give, Coupons emerge in endlessly

however! Xiao Hu is here today!

No routine! Just a sentence! Free! !

Not a penny! These good things are all for you!

Super value welfare of Dragon Tiger Mountain Double Eleven

please! carry! front! plus! enter! purchase! matter! vehicle 

Free tour to the Millennium Ancient Town

Beautiful natural environmentShangqing , Surrounded by mountains and built by water, Roads paved with bluestone slabs can be seen everywhere, Stroll among them, You can see the door upstairs "To stay in Houdi" , "Liuhou Family Temple" Isoarchway, a compound of connecting courtyards , each surrounded by dwelling quarters, No one locks the door.



Bypass the Qingshi Street, Go through the alley at the end of the street, Look at the distant mountains and the setting sun, Luxi River is covered with sparkling neon, Only see the endless mountains, The rippling twilight reflects the eyes. It is said that the ancient town of Shangqing is the pure land of the soul, It can let visitors taste the leisure and warmth of the millennium old town.



Taoism Zuting Free Tour

The gate of Tianshi Mansion is adjacent to Luxi River, Facing Pipa Peak, Green trees shade, It's a small bridge, a flowing water and a family.


Go for a big visit, Heavenly Master's Mansion, an ancient Taoist building with exquisite craftsmanship, Feel the millennium Taoist culture, Devout Incense and Candle Lighting, The Wind Passes the Jade Emperor Hall  Roll up the incense in the air and come to you.



Sunset and Morning Glow Free Reward

While the early winter is warm, Come onCamp on the top of the mountain, setting sun, scenery, starry sky, full moon, Don't miss any.


Viewing terrace on the mountain, can360 To watch the beautiful scenery of Longhu Mountain, From the Golden Spear Peak-Lovers Peak-Paiya Peakgaze into the distance, The world is wide and bright, The sky is really high and cool.



This double eleven

Except for emptying the shopping cart

Don't forget to come to Longhu Mountain

Take a free trip to purify the soul!


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