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Many world champions, Olympic competitors! 2022 National Shooting Championships (Flying saucer project) The competition starts in Longhu Mountain! 2022-11-16

11 month 7 day-19 day

2022 National Shooting Championships (Flying saucer project)

In Jiangxi: Eagle Pond: Longhu Mountain Minghui Shooting Base


The competition was held by the Shooting and Archery Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of the People's Republic of China, Sponsored by China Shooting Association, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Undertaken by Yingtan Municipal People's Government, Jiangxi Provincial Shooting Management Center, Yingtan Sports Bureau, Executed by Yingtan Longhu Mountain Scenic Area Management Committee, Yingtan Shooting and Archery Management Center, Yingtan Cultural Tourism Investment Development Group Co. , Ltd, Jiangxi Longhushan Minghui Shooting Co. , Ltd. provides support. Competition settingMen's Trap, Men's Skeet, Women's Trap, Women's Skeet, UFO Multidirectional Mixed Group, Five projects in total.


Flying saucer project, From 1900 The Second Olympic Games in, 1929 The first World Championships were held in, It will become the previous Olympic Games, World Championships, Major events of the Asian Games and Asian Shooting Championships. Early flying saucer project, It's shooting at pigeons, Later, it was changed to target shooting. Flying saucer project is similar to hunting activities, Strong interest, Deeply welcomed by people.


2022 National Shooting Championships

(Flying saucer project)

This is one of the highest level shooting events in China

The results of this competition are also one of the bases for national team selection

It is owned by all provinces in China, Autonomous Region, Of the Sports Bureau of the municipality directly under the Central Government

19 Teams, near 200 People participate in the competition


Among the competitorsWei Ning, Lu Xingyu, Lin Piaopiaoetc

Many well-knownworld champion, National Games Champion

Among them, he has won the world championship many times

stay2019 Women's Two way Shooting UFO World Cup Final

Break the world record

2020 Bronze medallist in women's skeet shooting at the Tokyo Olympic Games

Wei MengAlso came to Yingtan to participate in this competition


11 month 9 Solstice 11 day, After three days of multi round competition

Shanghai team won

2022 National Shooting Championships (UFO multidirectional)

Individual of women's group, Men's individual gold medal


In the game, All competitors hold their breath and concentrate

Raise a gun, aim, Firing, Motor coherence, make smooth reading

From the Shanghai teamDeng Weiyun, Zhao YunkaiIndividuals of the UFO Multidirectional Women's Group who won the competition respectively, Men's individual gold medal


The successful holding of this event

Once again, it shows the sportsmanship of Dragon and Tiger Mountain

Push forward the Dragon and Tiger Mountain "Sports+Travel" High quality development

It further meets the sports needs of the people

Create ecological sports+Outdoor leisure destination for tourism

Add new strength to the sports industry of Longhu Mountain

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