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Trailer of Dragon Tiger Mountain's Third Dragon Boat Festival! Free opening of children's park! Hanfu Flower Boat Cruise! Fishing Competition! Bonfire party! Come to Longhu Mountain to enjoy the summer rice dumplings! 2022-05-27 Although the May Day holiday has passed for nearly a month But the happiness during the holiday Xiaohu didn't forget anything Finally, I look forward to the stars and the moon The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming You must go out and have a good time~ Xiao Hu continues to tell you today Dragon Boat Festival in the Ancient Yueshui Street of Longhu Mountain Come and have a look, Plan early!
Dragon tiger mountain second wave Dragon Boat Festival hi Play Trailer! Shangqing ancient town and "Zongzi" Children's Carnival! Flower language world: hydrangeas are in full bloom! 2022-05-26 The second wave of Dragon Boat Festival activities is coming six one, The arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival Added some luster to this June Shangqing ancient town held "And 'Zongzi' No child" Carnival series activities Only bring you different happiness!
Dragon and Tiger Mountain wonderful Dragon Boat Festival garden party! Enjoy a three-day holiday without wasting a second! 2022-05-25 When the Dragon Boat Festival is connected with June day! It is a rare and happy holiday! I really can't share a day with you Crowded scenic spots and long roads! I don't want to waste my good time I don't want to break my head to watch the crowd this time Xiaohu is ready for everyone to hide around And a low-key destination for a long time Come and satisfy your childhood memories!