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"ride" Infinite joy! Dragon Tiger Mountain sharing electric yellow car is hot online! 2022-10-21 In order to let tourists visit Longhu Mountain Scenic Area more quickly Improve tourist experience We introduce a low carbon, energy conservation, Environmentally friendly green vehicles Sharing electric yellow cars
I can't hide it! Longhu Mountain Autumn Flower Sea Fairy Tale World. . . . . The fairies all punch in! 2022-10-20 Autumn in the South Except for the golden leaves, Melon and fruit fragrance Also due to the climate There will be a vast sea of flowers... a year 365 day, A short autumn The autumn flower sea of Longhu Mountain Amazing everyone The colorful hillsides open the most gorgeous time in autumn Xiaohu brings the fairy of Longhu Mountain Leave a beautiful shadow in this autumn day
Heming Valley | This home stay in the Dragon and Tiger Mountains, Maybe redefine your "Wild extravagance" Imagination of! 2022-10-19 Don't be too far away from the familiar life circle From city to countryside, From High Building to Castle Peak No heavy baggage Don't worry about trivial schedule All this, Xiaohu has thought for you Compared with the sound, "Famous Residence" Mogan Mountain It seems a little "unknown to the public" A place like this Maybe it is closer to the imagined life in the mountains