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Elephant Trunk Hill

Xiangbi mountain is one of the most typical landscapes in Longhu Mountain Geopark, It is caused by long-term rain erosion and weathering, Landscape of stone beams and holes causing residual collapse. Gao Yue100A stone beam hangs down from the mountain peak of meters, The whole mountain is like a giant stone elephant drawing water, Xiangbi mountain scenic spot is the main tourist area, as well as Xiandan box peak, Gentian Red Cliff, observatory, Zhengyi Xianfeng, Centenary cave, Golden Dragon draws water, Hanging rattan upside down, Xujing Hall, She Village, Chop the sacred mountain with an axe, Masked rock, Lion turns back, Many scenic spots such as golden turtle. "Fairy like rain Ji" It is one of the eight land landscapes of Longhu Mountain.


Xiangbi mountain is located in the east of Luxi River, Keep pace with the crystal clear river, Form the best route for the land and water tour of Longhu Mountain. Here is a lifelike building, Huge natural stone statues stand in the mountains, The huge trunk seems to fall from the sky, Deep into the earth, so skillfully imitated as to be indistinguishable from the original, Spiritual implication, Known as "The first God in the world" .


Xiangbi mountain tourist area is an important part of Longhu Mountain National Geopark. Cuiwei peak cliff in the area, Red current galloping, Chibi sili, Green tree cover, Tengluo upside down, The waterfall flies obliquely, Extremely strange, Insurance, Show, beautiful, Secluded landscape features and modeling features of various forms, It is a rare landscape collection and scientific research of Danxia landform, A place of leisure.