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Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain

Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain Beijing Sunshine Xinrui Culture Development Co. , Ltd. , a member enterprise of Beijing Sunshine media group, cooperates with Jiangxi Longhu Mountain Tourism Culture Development Co. , Ltd (group) Limited company takes two years, Elaborate large-scale landscape live performance plays. The main creator of the play is the chairman of sunshine media group and the co-founder of sunshine Culture Foundation, Chairman Yang Lan, Famous contemporary Chinese editor and director, 08Deputy general director of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 14General director of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Chen Weiya, head of Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, Famous editors and directors in multimedia production of digital tiger images, The plot is divided into order. Dream , A happy life , Carefree landscape , Carefree mind , Epilogue. Dream Five chapters, Closely "Fairy land, Free travel" This theme, Highlight "Famous mountains through the ages, Daodu Xianshan" Fairyland scenery, Highlight the charming scenery of dragon tiger mountain, Danshan mountain and clear water, among, the source is distant and the stream long, Broad and profound Taoist Culture, The eternal mystery left by the ancient Yue nationality in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period, Will be used as material and main story clues into the plot.

Outstanding performance "new, odd, special, feeling, interest, beautiful" , Let the process of this live performance become a place of mind, Let all the audience watch the show in the mountains, The top of years grazes the soul, Take a trip to the mountains, A section of waterway, In a different world, A dreamy night, A touch of insight; Watching the flowers bloom and fade in the flow of time; In the thick to the extreme, Light to the fairyland of returning to the truth, Find the same warmth in your heart, Keep the most beautiful scenery of Longhu Mountain in your heart, Leave missing. since2015year4month28Since the public performance in Japan, As of2019year3month Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain Perform together1300site, Close to the audience1000ten thousand people.

get "2014Key national cultural industry projects in" , Rated2015Annual National Tourism preferred investment project.

Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain performance time: Scene 119: 30start, Scene 220: 30start, duration70minute It is recommended to enter the site one hour in advance, Opening Hours: 08: 00-23: 00

(1) New "Marching" Viewing method (It is the first in China) This is also the first real landscape performance in China. Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain Completely overturned the performance mode of the traditional stage, Secondary view, hear, touch, Sniff, taste, Feeling, etc6From three aspects, Let the audience start from entering the performance area, Just immerse yourself in it, It is difficult to distinguish between real and simulated scenes, It can be said that this is Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain Pay attention to an expression of the audience's sensory experience, Facilitate people to better communicate with mountains and rivers. The audience can experience their feelings in the viewing process "wonderland" . Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain The visual creativity is completed by Shu Hu, Through completely real scene experience, Organically combine performance with landscape, Let the tourists walk and watch the show, Fully feel the spirit of the Danshan mountain and the clear water, Experience the beauty of landscape, The beauty of culture, The beauty of Art.

(2) Dream seeking dragon and Tiger Mountain With the largest natural projection cliff in the world, high90rice, wide190rice, Total area up to18000square meter. Naked eyes on huge natural cliffs3DProjection, It is the result of the co creation of man and nature, Natural cliffs provide a screen for projection, Show the story perfectly, Present myriad changes, Spectators boating on Luxi River, Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Longhu Mountain of Luxi River and the wonders on the cliffs.

(3) The largest performance scale in history, 70In minutes, common300Performed by more than actors, From ancient Yue folk village to taohuazhou3Switching between scenes, Give people a fantastic experience of changing time and space, The performance site is equipped with the largest environmental art lighting project in China, 4600Multiple special effects lighting equipment covered the whole mountain, Create a beautiful atmosphere for the audience, vary from minute to minute, Light and shadow dripping visual art effect. The whole performance was like a truly luxurious Lantern Festival, The magnificent Longhu Mountain shows its beauty, mysterious, Fantastic artistic charm.

(4) On the innovation of stage lighting design, The darkness of night does not restrict the change of time and space, Instead, it will become one piece "canvas" , Through the aurora, lighting, Large screen projection creates space-time tunnel, Day or stars shine; LEDThere are thousands of fireflies in the light belt, Create a spectacular scene of plants and trees.

(5) International top Python sound system, Used for the first time in domestic live performance, The system will be laid evenly in the performance area, So that all spectators are in any position, The music and sound effects heard are equally perfect and real. in addition, Boa constrictor sound really makes the best use of everything, When performing on water, Surround and erect on the ship, Maximize results while avoiding unnecessary waste, And avoid disturbing the daily life of the surrounding residents.

(6) Large scale performance venues are rare in Jiangxi Province and even in China, Each plot chapter has an independent performance venue, Each chapter of the performance will create an exclusive performance venue according to the needs of the plot, And each venue is enough to launch a large-scale live performance, So that visitors can more truly feel the unique shock in the world. The performance venue extends from the ancient Yue folk village to the vicinity of taohuazhou, Total span up to2kilometre, In terms of construction difficulty and intensity, It is also rare in China.