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At the alchemy Office of zhangdaoling, Longhu Mountain, Guixi County, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province. according to Longhu Mountain records record: After the fourth generation Heavenly Master Zhangsheng moved back to Longhu Mountain from Hanzhong, Once built an ancestral temple here to worship the ancestors. Tianshi temple was built here during the Five Dynasties and the Southern Tang Dynasty; The fourth year of Chongning in the Northern Song Dynasty (1105) , The 30th generation Heavenly Master Zhang Jixian was appointed to repair, In the reign of Emperor Huizong, Tianshi temple was changed into the concept of performing Dharma. Thirty second year of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty (1563) , Emperor Shizong gave money to rebuild, And change the concept of evolution into the concept of Zhengyi.

The temple has five main halls, Worship Zhang Daoling, Wangchang and Zhaosheng, All bronze statues and common gold, Three rooms on the left and right veranda, Three rooms at the front door, Five Jade Emperor halls behind the main hall, Building bell and drum towers from east to West. Originally Longhu Mountain is one of the famous Taoist temples.

Zhengyi temple is the symbol of Zhengyi Taoist ancestral court.

Emperor Hanhe, After Zhang Daoling and his disciple wangchangyou entered Poyang, Suxin river came here, Jiancaotang, Refine "Jiutianshen pill" , Founding Taoism, Become the originator of Chinese Taoism. The fourth generation Tianshi Zhangsheng returned to Longhu Mountain from Shu to visit zhengyiyuan altar, Follow my father's orders "Yongxuan zujiao, To be handed down to the world" , Establish ancestral temples and worship ancestors. from then on, The heavenly masters of all dynasties have opened a forum here to teach you, Longhu Mountain has also become the first teaching communication center in China and even in the world, There are many palaces and Taoist temples, on a large scale, Dragon and Tiger Mountain Zhengyi Temple "Day and night, the country of feather people" .

The earliest name of ZHENGYIGUAN is "Zutianshi Temple" , It is the fourth generation Tianshi Zhang Sheng from Huilong Hushan, Sichuan "Yongxuan zujiao" , A temple built to offer sacrifices to Heavenly Master Zu. meanwhile, Zhang Sheng, the Heavenly Master, is still here to repair the site of the Xuantan altar and Danzao, And live here, Three yuan per year, Climbing the altar, More than a thousand Taoists from all over the country flocked here. from then on, There are many palaces here, Gathering of Taoists.

Tianbao years of Tang Dynasty (724755year) , Taoist Wu Yun once wrote a poem Mount Longhu The scene here is vividly described: "Taoist wears fish and hyena clothes, Flying toward the sun and the sky. Longhu Mountain Zhonghao bright moon, Jade Palace and Pearl Tower are empty and green. "